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Package koma.matrix


Name Summary
Matrix interface Matrix<T> :NDArray<T>
A general facade for a Matrix type. Allows for various backend to be implemented to actually perform the computation. A koma backend must both implement this class and MatrixFactory. A matrix is guaranteed to be 2D and to have a numerical type. For storage of arbitrary types and dimensions, see koma.ndarray.NDArray.
MatrixFactory interface MatrixFactory<out T :Matrix<*>>
A set of constructors that must be implemented by a koma backend. Generates various types of matrices. Generic parameter is the type of element, i.e. T=Matrix or T=Matrix, etc.
MatrixTypes object MatrixTypes
Intended to be used as a parameter to functions, when selection of matrix type is needed. (e.g. creators.kt which return Matrix for a requested T).

Type Aliases

Name Summary
MatrixType typealias MatrixType<T> = () ->MatrixFactory<Matrix<T>>


Name Summary
doubleFactory var ~~doubleFactory~~:MatrixFactory<Matrix<Double>>
floatFactory var ~~floatFactory~~:MatrixFactory<Matrix<Float>>
intFactory var ~~intFactory~~:MatrixFactory<Matrix<Int>>