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Package koma.ndarray


Name Summary
GenericNDArrayFactory interface GenericNDArrayFactory<T>
A set of constructors that must be implemented by a koma NDArray backend. Generic parameter is the type of the element.
NDArray interface NDArray<T>
A general N-dimensional container for arbitrary types. For this container to be useful, you'll probably want to import koma.extensions.*, which includes e.g. element getter/setters which are non boxed for primitives.
NumericalNDArray interface ~~NumericalNDArray~~<T> :NDArray<T>
An NDArray that holds a numerical type, such that math operations are available.
NumericalNDArrayFactory interface NumericalNDArrayFactory<T :Number> :GenericNDArrayFactory<T>
A set of constructors for a koma NDArray containing numerical data. For generic factories, see GenericNDArrayFactory.