api / koma.ndarray / GenericNDArrayFactory


interface GenericNDArrayFactory<T>

A set of constructors that must be implemented by a koma NDArray backend. Generic parameter is the type of the element.


Name Summary
createGeneric abstract fun createGeneric(lengths:IntArray, filler: (IntArray) ->T):NDArray<T>
Generate an ND container of the requested shape without initializing its contents.

Extension Functions

Name Summary
create fun <T>GenericNDArrayFactory<T>.create(vararg lengths:Int, filler: (idx:IntArray) ->T):DefaultGenericNDArray<T>


Name Summary
DefaultGenericNDArrayFactory class DefaultGenericNDArrayFactory<T> :GenericNDArrayFactory<T>
NumericalNDArrayFactory interface NumericalNDArrayFactory<T :Number> :GenericNDArrayFactory<T>
A set of constructors for a koma NDArray containing numerical data. For generic factories, see GenericNDArrayFactory.